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Floor Tent With Chairs And Table

Weddings, graduations, family reunions, corporate events, conferences, political events, fundraisers, and even backyard bar-b-ques all have at least one thing in common. The guests are one of the most important pieces of each of these events! Decisions made during the event planning process should be made with the comfort of the guests in mind. So we are here to discuss all ways you can help your guests feel comfortable at all times.

Weather Conditions 

For outdoor events, you are going to have to outsmart the weather. Use fans, misters, shade, and ice-cold drinks to cool everyone off during the summer. Make use of heaters, blankets, shawls, and hot drink stations to take off the winter chill. Tenting your event can eliminate the threat of weather while allowing you to still take advantage of the beautiful outdoor environment.


This is where you will want to strike a balance for the comfort of your guests. If you include too many activities, everyone will be running from here to there and likely end up exhausted. If there are too few activities, guests may get antsy during the downtimes. Focus on engaging your guests with a balance of activities that are full of quality and value to keep everyone comfortable. Of course, don’t force attendee participation. Try to provide non-intrusive ways to engage them. This may require flexibility on your part!

Food And Drink

One of the best ways to treat your guests is with delicious food and drink. It can be tricky to cater to everyone’s unique tastes and dietary restrictions, so it is best to create a spread that provides options that will ensure no guests feel left out. Providing high-quality, familiar food and drink choices will keep guests comfortable.


Tables and chairs provide a comfortable atmosphere giving guests a place to rest, catch up with each other, and partake of food and drink in peace. Some events are only able to provide partial seating due to venue space limitations. But whenever it is possible, we believe it is important to provide enough seats for all guests, so they feel like they have their own space to come back to in between activities.


Have enough clean restrooms available. If you are expecting a large group and the area doesn’t have accessible restrooms, your best bet is portable restrooms and wash stations. As a general rule, make sure you have at least one restroom for each 50 event attendees, especially if the event involves food and drink.

Parting Gift

This is a great way to leave a lasting impression on your guests. From simple to extravagant, you can use a parting gift to communicate with your guest how important they are to you and how much you appreciate their attendance.

TCS Event Rentals knows how to take comfort to the next level. Did you know our chairs have provided seating for everyone from presidents, senators, and ambassadors to kings, queens, princes, your next-door neighbors, family gatherings, and everyone in between? Let us know how we can help you with the little touches that will provide comfort and create a lasting impression at your next event.