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Outstanding Party Rentals in North Carolina

TCS Event Rentals understands that no matter the size of an event, there is planning involved. We also understand the importance of providing high-quality rental equipment to our customers. This is why we take care of every item we rent. For superior party rentals anywhere in NC, place your trust in our team. We have a 12-acre facility with two warehouses stocked full of the kind of gear your party or gathering needs to be successful. Our team has years of experience, further bolstering our reputation as the best in the region. Hosting a small event doesn’t mean you have to think small. Instead, dream big! We’ll help you get there.

Rentals of All Kinds for Small Gatherings

Intimate events can be awesome, dazzling affairs. All it takes is some outside-the-box thinking and high-quality rentals. Our goal is to help your vision come to fruition. Whether you are planning the wedding of your dreams or a small gathering of friends, you want to ensure you have the rentals required to host such an event. TCS Event Rentals has everything you need. We can help make your intimate event a success by providing:


You might not require one of our larger tents but we offer smaller ones too. You can opt for a framed tent or a pole tent, both of which will provide a contingency plan in case of rain. We also provide heating and cooling equipment for days when the weather plays a role.

Tables and Chairs

We’ve got the resources needed to provide however many tables and chairs you require for a successful event. Whether the guest list includes 20 people or 100, you can count on our team to deliver the seating you need.


Even if you are hosting a small wedding, you still may want a dance floor. We offer several options, any of which will work in various applications. We’ll equip you so you can cut loose and dance to all your favorites.


Make sure you and your guests eat in style. We offer a wide range of colors and patterns, ensuring we can match your event’s chosen aesthetic. Although we don’t stock linens in our warehouse we have chosen a reputable supplier that is dependable, has high quality product and provides a wide range of styles.


Stages aren’t only for big events. They can be perfect for smaller ones too. For instance, if you are getting married, you can use the stage for the wedding ceremony itself, for the DJ, or host a live band to keep the party going.


We offer a wide range of sanitation options for your guests. From super comfortable deluxe comfort stations to smaller individual units, we’ve got what you need. No matter the size of your event, you can count on our sanitation options.

We Offer Delivery and Setup

Small events can be fun and filled with cherished memories. We pride ourselves on delivering the materials you need to bring the fun and make those memories. We understand that you are planning the event of your life, too. That’s why we offer delivery and set up for the event, ensuring you do not have to lift a finger to install tenting, set up chairs and tables, or assemble a stage. That way, you can focus on other things.

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