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Event Rentals for Gatherings of All Sizes

At TCS Event Rentals, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide event rentals for gatherings of all sizes. After all, no two customers are alike. Your needs are likely vastly different from those of some of our other customers. You might only need a small tent for your home-hosted wedding, or you might be in charge of a massive corporate picnic. Our goal is to provide the guidance our customers need to host a successful event. From PA systems to lecterns, lighting, and linens, we’ve got what your event needs. More importantly, we offer these things in the highest quality possible because we take great pride in maintaining our rental equipment. That is why we are the most trusted name in the industry.

Superior Customer Support for Intimate and Large Events

Many event rental companies are not versatile and flexible enough to provide supplies for parties and gatherings of all sizes. We understand the importance of doing so. After all, the needs of a large university or corporate affair are far different than those of a wedding with 75 attendees. So we adjust our approach based on each customer’s needs. At TCS Event Rentals, you can rely on service for:

Intimate Events

From backyard weddings to family gatherings, intimate events require a special touch and versatility. Our team is skilled at determining what your event needs and making crucial suggestions. From there, we will put together a quote for your event based on the best quality products coupled with a fair pricing structure.

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Large-Scale Events

From massive framed tenting to PA systems and stages, our 12-acre facility has what you need to organize corporate events, large weddings, and more. We know that putting together an event like this is stressful. We aim to reduce this stress, one item at a time. If you are planning a massive event, there is no better resource than us.

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We Provide Set Up Services

Our job doesn’t end with just providing items. We take things a step further. No matter the size of your event, you will require assistance with setup. We have a fleet of vehicles, delivery trucks, and over 20 road trailers on hand, enabling us to deal with all kinds of setup arrangements, from single-day affairs to multi-stage setups. Regardless of what you rent from us, you can count on our team to deliver the materials and install them to your specifications.

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