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High-Quality Bleachers and Crowd Control in NC

Do you have an event that calls for seating or barricades? TCS Event Rentals has solutions for you. We have provided bleachers and crowd control to NC events and companies for years. Our expertise and experience have taught us the value of quality and quantity alike. So we have everything we need in our 12-acre facility. Perhaps more importantly, every bleacher or barricade in our facility is top quality, ensuring that your event goes smoothly and safely. That is the guarantee we provide to each of our customers.

Our Bleacher Options

We feature three primary bleacher options. They can provide seating for small- to large-sized events, ensuring that organizers can have the bleachers that suit their needs. Our bleacher options are:

Five-Row Single Stack Unit

• Seats approximately 50 people
• Aluminum construction
• 16′ wide and 9’6 deep, front to back with rails

10-Row Double Stack Unit

• Seats approximately 100 people
• Aluminum construction
• 16′ wide and 19′ deep, front to back with rails

Mobile 10-Row Bleacher Unit

• Seats approximately 235 people
• Aluminum construction
• 39′ wide and 18′ deep, front to back with rails

Crowd Control Products for a More Seamless Event

In addition to bleachers, TCS Event Rentals also rents crowd control items for events of all sizes. We have staging barricades made from durable steel construction and designed to prevent tipping over. We offer barricade sections in the “bike rack” style. We also offer stanchions in several style options to help direct traffic.

We Offer What You Need, No Matter What It Is

Regardless of your needs, you can count on TCS Event Rentals to deliver on our promise of exceptional customer service and superior quality. Not only do we provide high-quality rentals, but we also offer them in spades. We have a sizeable warehouse with more than enough of our products to accommodate your event.

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