The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy that is part of the Local Group of galaxies. Although the Milky Way is one of billions of galaxies in the observable universe,[4] its special significance to humanity is that it is the home galaxy of our Solar System. The plane of the Milky Way galaxy is visible from Earth as a band of light in the night sky, and it is the appearance of this band of light which has inspired the name for our galaxy. It is extremely difficult to define the age at which the Milky Way formed, but the age of the oldest star in the Galaxy yet discovered, HE 1523-0901, is estimated to be about 13.2 billion years, nearly as old as the Universe itself. -Source: Wikipedia.

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Chair Rentals

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Chiavari ballroom chairs create an elegant look for any venue. These wood chairs are intended for indoor or tented applications and are not recommended for long-term outdoor use. Various cushion colors available for Chiavari Chairs

Folding Chairs

Seats and backs are molded with plastic and are fade resistant. Two "U" shaped cross braces are fixed so that each one is attached to the main frame with two rivets on either side. Chairs available in black, blue, brown, burgundy and white.


Our quality white wood folding chairs provide elegance, affordability, and versatility for any event. Solid wood construction, Easy to maintain, stack, and set up, Includes seat pad for comfort: 14" W x 12 1/2" D x 1/2" H, Folding Height: 35 1/2", Folding Depth: 2 1/8"




Ispra is the perfect chair for any outdoor dining area. It is an 11 pound bi-component structural resin folding chair, which folds perfectly flat to 2 3/4". Guaranteed resistant to all weather conditions and UV rays, it is easily cleaned.


Millennia is the perfect chair for any outdoor dining area.

Garden Arm Chair

Garden Arm Chair.

Bar Stools

Bar Stools.