About Us

Quality Rental Products and Reliable Service Are The Trademarks Of Our Business

We rent well-maintained, clean, quality equipment and provide dependable delivery. We also have a unique delivery system for chairs which allows us to move large quantities with relative speed and effi ciency. Our current inventory totals over 100,000 chairs, over 5,000 tables, over 15,000 sq. ft. of staging, and a wide range of accessory items.

For over 25 years, we have been the go-to source providing rental tables, chairs and staging for hundreds of special events at major colleges and universities, organizations and businesses from Chicago to Miami, New York to New Orleans – and points up, down and all across the eastern United States.

Individuals, companies, institutions and political parties use our products and services because of quality first, quanitity second, and, lastly, our ability to get the product where you need it...when you need it.

Simply stated, our chairs have provided seating for everyone from Presidents, Senators and Ambassadors to Kings, Queens, Princes, your next door neighbors, family gatherings and everyone in between.

  • Service
    Ensuring Your Special Event Has The Highest Quality Inventory Of Rental Products

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  • Details
    Attention To The Small Things Can Make Or Break A Special Event

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